Why Live in Eagle Mountain?

Why Live in Eagle Mountain?

Eagle Mountain is a rapidly growing community on the west edge of Utah County, nestled into the Oquirrh Mountains and filling out the boundary surrounding Utah Lake. It has absolutely exploded as a bedroom community for the Traverse Mountain area and attracted many families and businesses in the last decade. And the best part is that it’s just getting started! Is Eagle Mountain right for you?

5 Reasons to Live in Eagle Mountain

1. Fast Growth

The impressive pace of Eagle Mountain’s growth means a lot for potential real estate owners. It means that prices are competitive, and you have lots of options for locations. Relationships are being forged in the community between new businesses and bustling neighborhoods. Getting into this new community during this period of development can help you connect with others in the same situation and take advantage of competitive prices.

2. Pony Express Days

Eagle Mountain straddles the original Pony Express Trail, which is a fun landmark to enjoy in your town. The character of the city has been shaped by Utah’s early history. The trail has walking, biking, and equestrian trails to discover with your friends and family. In addition, Pony Express Days each summer are one of the most colorful and unique yearly celebrations in the county.

3. Kid City

Eagle Mountain has a large population of children. By last year’s statistics, 48% of the population is under the age of 18. This makes it an excellent place to live and work. Family communities tend to be safer, more accommodating, and friendly. If you have a family or are looking to begin one, Eagle Mountain is an incredible place to land. Good schools, plentiful parks, and lots of kids to play with.

4. Parks

Speaking of kids and parks, did you know that Eagle Mountain has 35 parks and counting? Due to the city’s large size and span, there are amazing parks of all shapes and sizes around city limits. From splash pads to sports complexes to quiet walks to pavilions and playgrounds for your birthday parties, Eagle Mountain provides so many options for your outdoor recreation.

5. Potential

One of the greatest reasons to consider Eagle Mountain is its substantial potential. Moving or starting anew in a city is a huge decision that impacts your entire life and future, so it’s important to consider all of the factors. The future potential of your city matters for your happiness, wealth, growth, and connection. Will you have the space you need to grow? Will you be happy in the future when you have babies? What about when your babies are kids, or when your kids are teenagers? Is the economy still blooming? Eagle Mountain has the potential for growth, and you can impact the creation of Eagle Mountain culture by jumping in now during the early stages.    


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