What is the EM Founder’s Group?

What is the EM Founder’s Group?

Eagle Mountain’s potential is untapped. With over 4,000 acres waiting to be developed, the city’s growth can only go up. It’s our mission, as a group, to capitalize on the opportunities Eagle Mountain presents. The group is made up of the founder/developer of the city and other members of the group who are involved with making this city a great place to invest in residential, industrial, and commercial. Discover more about the group and how we can help turn Eagle Mountain into a place where families can live, work, and recreate, along with offering employment opportunities around every corner. 


As one of Utah’s fastest-growing cities, there are many areas in Eagle Mountain ready for development. We’re prepared to work with you in developing your residential development plan. Investing in residential real estate offers several benefits to developers and builders. It gives families–particularly young families–an opportunity to set down roots and have that small-town feeling that can grow as their families grow. With hundreds of new homes built annually, now is the time to take advantage of land up for grabs.


As the city grows, it becomes prime real estate for industries to create and expand their businesses. With infrastructure also growing, it allows for more industries to make Eagle Mountain their home. With a utility corridor that includes a 12-inch water line, an electrical substation, providing ample electricity, gigabit FIBER internet, as well as the Kern River gas pipeline, Eagle Mountain the perfect place for new and exciting industries to come. In the state of Utah, some of the commercial businesses include sporting goods, aerospace, and defense, along with travel and tourism industries, with the top three industries including renewable resources, health technology, and information technology.


Eagle Mountain is full of young families who want to stay in their hometown and shop. With a variety of companies moving in, soon, individuals and families will have options with which to choose to frequent commercial businesses — what better time to throw your hat in the ring and give the people what they want. With prime areas available, there’s never a better time to do business in the city. 

The Process of Working with Eagle Mountain Founders

The process of possibly doing business with EM Founders Group includes four steps, which consist of the following: impact fees, utility fees, and tax financing.

  • Application Process – In working with other city departments, we can quickly aid in the planning and building application process through our Economic Development Office.
  • Impact Fees – Because of a recent ordinance, it allows us to waive impact fees to businesses that are unique to the city, making for a perfect opportunity for small companies to build in Eagle Mountain.
  • Utility Fees – The great thing about the city is offering their own utilities, which includes sewer, water and electricity, and natural gas. We offer personalized incentive packages for companies who consider making their home in Eagle Mountain.
  • Tax Financing – The Redevelopment Agency (a government body dedicated to urban renewal) also offers tax increment financing within areas designated as community and economic development.

Contact EM Founders Group

If you’re interested in learning more about doing business in Eagle Mountain, please get in touch with us. Our development projects include an agreement that guarantees significant density and flexibility with zone changes relatively easy, especially regarding industrial areas. Contact us and see what opportunities await you in our great city.

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