What Do We Do Exactly?

What Do We Do Exactly?

With over 4,000 acres of potential development available in Eagle Mountain City Utah, EM Founders Group is actively engaged in developing, planning, and selling commercial, industrial, and residential projects.

Eagle Mountain is one of the fasting growing cities in Utah. There are many real estate opportunities. At Eagle Mountain Founders, we can help you through the entire process of investing in real estate, of any kind.

We specialize in Eagle Mountain real estate. When done well, real estate is one of the most profitable investments out there. There are many advantages to a good investment. Investing in real estate helps you to diversify your portfolio, generates a passive income, build equity for your future, and hedge against inflation. Plus, there are tax benefits to real estate investment! Take control of your future and become an entrepreneur with some smart real estate investments. With a team like Eagle Mountain Founders Group on your side, you can create another source of income and make the most of your situation.


Commercial real estate is a property that is used for business purposes. It is a property that is often rented as a workspace. This real estate can include any sort of business or workspace ranging from a large shopping center to small office space to a hotel. Commercial real estate covers all sorts of business properties. Depending on the property and the lease agreement, commercial real estate can be a great investment. It is customarily quoted in an annual rental dollars per square foot. Usually, commercial real estate is sold by the building.

At Eagle Mountain Founders, we advise on how to choose a property to invest in, go through the process of investing, negotiate lease agreements, etc.


Industrial development includes real estate or property that is zoned for industrial use. These sites can include warehouse space, office space, laboratories, and so on. Industrial real estate is often a larger investment with a larger return. These industrial real estate options often include longer leases and low-maintenance buildings.


Residential real estate is a property that is used for living purposes. This land is developed for people to live on, as defined by local zoning ordinances. Residential property cannot be used for commercial or industrial purposes. These properties may include all sorts of dwellings—houseboats, apartments, houses, etc. Residential investments usually require the least about of investment, they are often the most affordable and doable option for most people.

Eagle Mountain Founders can connect you with great residential real estate and home builders. We’ve got it all covered.

To learn more about your investment options and real estate opportunities contact Eagle Mountain Founders Group today. Eagle Mountain is a fast growing community with numerous opportunities, we can help you to take advantage of these opportunities. Whether you’re interested in a simple real estate development or a large-scale industrial development, start developing your future today with smart investment and a little help from Eagle Mountain Founders Group.



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