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Eagle Mountain is one of the Fastest Growing Cities in the State of Utah.

More than 2,400 acres of commercial development zones are located at the crossroads of the community, providing a vibrant setting for commercial interests. Eagle Mountain City is excited to welcome new business partners to the community and Eagle Mountain City provides generous incentive and a streamlined economic development process to make the move to Eagle Mountain an easy one.


Application Process

The Eagle Mountain City Economic Development Office works with other city departments to fast-track the planning and building application process for you.


Impact Fees

A recent city ordinance allows the Economic Development Office to waive impact fees to those business that are first of its kind in the city.


Utility Fees

Eagle Mountain City owns its own utilities: natural gas, sewer, water &electricity. Eagle Mountain City can offer personalized incentive packages for businesses considering a home in Eagle Mountain.


Tax Financing

The Redevelopment Agency offers tax increment financing within designated community and economic development areas.

The State of Utah also offers additional incentives for companies or organizations created in or relocating to Utah. Contact the City Administrator, Ifo Pili for details at (801) 789-6603.

Overview of City Utilities

The property has a utility corridor with 345kVa electricity, 12 inch water line, the Kern River natural gas transportation line, the Williams telecommunications fiber optic line, and gigabit FIBER internet, all on site. The city has an electrical substation providing redundant 138kVa to the community. The city also has a tap and regulation station along the Kern River gas pipeline providing gas to the site.

Development Agreement

EM Founders Group development projects include a development agreement guaranteeing significant density and flexibility. Zoning is relatively easy to change as necessary, especially in the industrial areas, and density is very fluid with the ability to be moved from one site to another.

Eagle Mountain Utah, Economic Development Brochure Doing Business

Favorable Geological Characteristics

Unlike land along the Wasatch Front, which sits in the IBC Seismic Zone D1, Eagle Mountain land falls in the lesser zone D2. The Utah Geological Survey has issued a Liquefaction-Potential Map for Utah County. The map indicates the liquefaction potential in Eagle Mountain is very low.

Eagle Mountain Utah Economic Development Map


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