Fun Facts About Eagle Mountain

Fun Facts About Eagle Mountain

Eagle Mountain is one of Utah’s fastest-growing cities. Situated in Utah County, Eagle Mountain was established in 1996, making it one of the youngest cities in the state. Although Eagle Mountain is only a little over two decades old, it’s arguably one of the most interesting cities in all of Utah given its interesting history and rapid growth. Eagle Mountain’s population has exponentially increased by over 33% since the last population census in 2010. Although the city experienced a growth spurt, it isn’t experiencing any growing pains. Eagle Mountain has successfully industrialized at a fast rate, and it is now home to several families, businesses, and parks. 

Are you planning on moving to Eagle Mountain? Here are some fun facts to give you more insight. 

Eagle Mountain is Historical

The Pony Express trail passed directly through present-day Eagle Mountain. The Pony Express was the United State’s premier mailing service in the 1860s. An innovative fast mailing system, the Pony Express facilitated communication between the east and the west regions of the United States. The trail directly connected Missouri to California. This was the first time that long-distance mail quickly traveled from one point to another in less than 10 days. 

Although the Pony Express trail is no longer active, this does not mean the area is now obsolete. In present-day Eagle Mountain, there are pedestrian paths, biking trails, and equestrian routes along the Pony Express’s original route. You cannot separate the Pony Express from Eagle Mountain, as this trail is the foundation of Eagle Mountain. There are Pony Express Days, which is Eagle Mountain’s annual summer celebration. 

Eagle Mountain is the Perfect Place to Raise a Family

Utah prides itself on being family-oriented, and Eagle Mountain is the ideal city to raise children in. Around 19% of Eagle Mountain is populated by children under the age of 5. Almost half of Eagle Mountain’s population is under the age of 18. Your family will always have something to do in Eagle Mountain, as there are 52 parks throughout the city. Four of the parks in Eagle Mountain are regional parks, and 48 of the parks are neighborhood parks. The parks include Mountain Ranch Bike Park, Cory B. Wride Memorial Park, Pony Express Skate Park, among several other well-known parks. There is an abundance of recreational areas at these parks, which include amphitheaters, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, and splash pads. Gone are the days of your children complaining about boredom. 

Eagle Mountain is Home to Internationally Praised Champions 

Eagle Mountain is also known for its award-winning Olympians. Two of these Olympians are Noelle Pikus-Pace and David Blair. Noelle Pikus-Pace was born in Provo, Utah, but she now calls Eagle Mountain her home. Pikus-Pace is best known for winning a silver medal in the skeleton event at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. 

David Blair is an Olympian with a disability who inspires every Utahn. Blair also resides in Eagle Mountain, and he made the city proud at the 2016 Paralympics. Blair was born with a clubfoot, but this did not stop him from winning a gold medal in the discus event at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympics. Blair received a hero’s welcome when he came back home to Eagle Mountain from Brazil. You will share a home in Eagle Mountain with inspiring Olympian medalists. 

Eagle Mountain has something for everyone, and you won’t find another charming city quite like it. The city is projected to keep rapidly growing. Eagle Mountain Founders Group is ready to help you with your residential development plans. 

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