Events in Eagle Mountain

Events in Eagle Mountain

One question we’ve heard a lot from people looking to move their home or business to Eagle Mountain is “It’s kind of far away – what would we even do out there?” A few years ago Eagle Mountain was barely making its way onto the map, but today it’s a hot spot for growth and development. The Eagle Mountain you think you know is no more. The Eagle Mountain that exists today is bright, blooming, and fun.

When considering a move to Eagle Mountain, the events and recreation options of the area are an important element for consideration. If the area has lots of events for kids and family, it will naturally attract more families and family-friendly businesses. If the area provides recreation for seniors, it can be a great option for retiring couples. Shopping opportunities, farmer’s markets, and seasonal celebrations can also make your city a more satisfying place to live and do business. Eagle Mountain provides so many events that you’re sure to find something to interest you!

Seasonal Events

A good city should take time and resources to celebrate holidays and the change in seasons. Eagle Mountain is a great example of this. The next event is a public Easter Egg Hunt at a city park on April 13th. Patriotic events for Independence Day and Pioneer Day are fun additions to the summer break. Halloween will feature a community trick-or-treating and costume contest, and Christmas will bring holiday celebrations that are fun for all ages.

Outdoor Summer Fun

To take advantage of the nice summer weather, Eagle Mountain hosts summer concerts and movies in the park every week. Every other week there are movies in the park on Fridays featuring popular, family-friendly movies and all ages are invited. On the alternating weeks, there are concerts in Cory Wride Memorial Park on Saturday evenings featuring local and budding musicians of a wide variety.

Pony Express Days

Eagle Mountain’s annual festival is the Pony Express Days the last week of May. Every year this festival gets bigger and better to celebrate Eagle Mountain’s rich history and its role in the Pony Express nationwide. Eagle Mountain hosts a rodeo, carnival rides and games, food and entertainment vendors, meals, fireworks, a grand parade, and more!

Library Events

The Eagle Mountain library is one of the best in the county. Eagle Mountain’s library creates regular events for all ages and stages of life, from toddler building classes and storytime to Senior classes and social events.

Outdoor Activities

Eagle Mountain provides a lot of opportunities beyond formal events. In Utah, we’re blessed with incredible scenery, and Eagle Mountain is a great place to experience it. Mountain Ranch Bike Park is one of a kind for cyclists and BMX fans alike. The nearby Saratoga hot pots and hot springs are a fun way to enjoy clean air and the earth’s wonders.

Eagle Mountain is constantly changing and offering new experiences to residents and businesses who decide to put down roots there. If you’re looking for a new place to land for your home or business, Eagle Mountain is the place to be.


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