All About Economic and Industrial Development Plans

All About Economic and Industrial Development Plans

Industrial development is essential to communities because it impacts their local economy. This type of development creates employment opportunities and also encourages creativity and innovation. These factors and more contribute to the growth of industries within an economy. Some of these industries include technological advances, mass production, among other services. Local economic growth increases a community’s quality of life. There cannot be an industrial development without proper economic development. 

Economic Development Plans

When planning for long-term economic development, the goal is to create and maintain a powerful, robust economy. Local economic development planning is a part of a region’s overall economic development strategy, and it requires intergovernmental coordination. This plan provides a comprehensive overview of the economy, sets policy direction for local economic growth, and also identifies strategies, programs, and projects to bolster the economy. 

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

A comprehensive economic development strategy (CEDS) is a strategic planning document and planning process that helps guide the economic growth and development of regions and communities. Comprehensive economic development strategies are required by the federal Economic Development Administration (EDA) in areas designated as economic development districts and to qualify for certain EDA grant funds. This includes funds for public works and economic development. Preparing for an economic development plan can also improve access to other states, federal, and private aid programs. 

Community Development in Eagle Mountain

Eagle Mountain’s community development department consists of the following divisions. Each division has its own unique set of responsibilities:

Building Division: Eagle Mountain’s Building Division enforces the various International Building Codes. This division ensures the safe construction of homes and other structures. 

Neighborhood Improvement Division: Helps residents of Eagle Mountain take responsibility for solving issues and concerns in their neighborhood. This division also offers assistance and opportunities to improve the well-being of residents and the appearance of their neighborhoods. 

Planning Division:  Eagle Mountain’s Planning Division promotes the orderly growth and development of the community through the execution of the City’s General Plan, the city’s development codes, and other supporting plans. All of this occurs while the division simultaneously balances socioeconomic forces, property rights, public input, and natural resources. Planning guarantees that the decisions we make today will result in a viable and healthy future for Eagle Mountain. 

Industrial Development Plan

Eagle Mountain boasts over 50 square miles of land and is geographically the third-largest city in Utah. As such, the potential for this growing city is genuinely limitless. Given that Eagle Mountain is such a blank canvas of undeveloped land, this city will continue growing and developing in a way that is safe and environmentally sustainable. Ultimately, this will contribute to the well-being of Eagle Mountain and better the quality of life for everyone. Long-range planning should capture the voices of as many residents as possible. 

Eagle Mountain is a business-friendly city that is committed to the conservation and preservation of natural resources. Commercial, industrial, and residential sites are available in one of Utah’s fastest-growing areas. EM Founders Group affords investors and strategic partners unparalleled potential for rapid growth, so contact us today. 


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